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BEATIT Jump Starter

The beatit jump starter is a powerful and easy-to-use car charger that helps charge your devices in the car. It includes a car charger power adapter and a beatit 800a car battery. The beatit jumped starter is perfect for use in cars with beatit batteries, such as the beatit 800a.

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This beatit jump starter is for the iclever dbpower basaf aickar vetomile jump starter.
this is a wall charger for the d11 beatit 800a peak. It features a 10, 000mah cells for an 18000mah battery. It can be used to power a d11 beatit 800a battery while in the car.
this charger is for the beatit jump starter. It is a standard ac adapter charger for beatit tech d11 pro bt-d11 car jump starter power cord.